You Asked for it

February 12, 2016

Dear Mom, This meme made me think of you and the powerful story you told me about your life as a young mother. So what do I do? Write it out, of course.  You shared this wonderful little story with me when I asked you how you did it. I had […]

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Fun Stuff

February 11, 2016

Do you know what’s fun? Lots of things, of course. But for me, I have lots of fun when my friends reach out for help with health-related stuff. I love putting my brain and intuition to work and doing what I can to help. Do you know what’s not as […]

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Health and Healing

January 14, 2016

Aloha friends! First off, I want to just lead out on this sacred topic (yes, sacred) by affirming here my faith in God. I firmly believe that all healing comes through Jesus Christ, and the tools He made to help us, as His creations, His work, His glory.  I believe that […]

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Photographs, Traditions, & Life

December 20, 2015

Photographs are interesting.  Traditions are interesting. Life is interesting, really. Combining the three of those things together can be fun. I’m so thankful for this amazing man who puts up with my crazy desire to keep doing this picture thing. Every. Year.  Such patience, he has!  Such tolerance!  In the absence […]

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You’re Invited… Part One

September 21, 2015

HEADS UP! That’s what fall says to me. What does fall say to you? Amazing things are going on all over the country.  Tis the season for change, for learning, for growing, for watching amazing transformations going on as the Northern hemisphere prepares for winter.  I love it.   Fall […]

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In which I meet a jellyfish

August 7, 2015

Story time, for all you happy Smithtopia-stalkers! It was crazy hot here this morning, so we took off to the beach.   I had my feet in the water there for about 3 minutes when suddenly my right foot felt like it had caught fire. That’s a weird feeling. It’s […]

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Busy Signal

July 14, 2015

I found this post saved as a draft, written 3 months ago when Mr.Smith was out of town.  Aw, vintage!  I think it got shelved so I could populate it with more pictures… Meh.  It’s getting posted without.  You can just use your imagination:   Cute, clever memes. Hilarious photo […]

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