The Greatest Showman… also the greatest movie?

January 11, 2018

This isn’t a super-spoily-spoiler review, but if you like going into a movie not knowing what I think about, then skip this one ’til after you’ve seen The Greatest Showman. I’m not going to write much about the plot, so you’re safe on that end. This review is mostly about […]

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January 10, 2018

Subtitle: You Know You Really Love Your Sister When… Y’all might not know this, but I have the best sister ever. I was 7.5 years old at the time, but I still remember how beyond-excited I when she was born. After having two awesome (read: intense, wild, crazy, NOT-girly) brothers tearing apart […]

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January 9, 2018

Kid prayers are the best. From the 8yo during the opening prayer for family night last night: “…and please bless those in our family who are surt or hick…” I’m not sure about the “surt” part, but we definitely have some issues with being hicks here in our small country […]

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More Change

January 8, 2018

Yesterday was our first time attending our new congregation (aka: ward). Boundaries are funny things. Skinny little lines — usually invisible — and yet things can be completely different on one side or the other. In sports, it’s obvious what a difference boundaries make. Like with volleyball: Inside the lines […]

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My Rebelious Non-Post

January 6, 2018

This isn’t the post you’re looking for. Nope. I’ve been writing a post all day and the magic just isn’t there and I can’t find it and I’m sick of trying so I’M LOWERING THE BAR. NO POST FROM ME TODAY. HA! Pbthththththth. ;P And the moment I decided not […]

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Quiet Revolutions

January 5, 2018

Wow, I love the message in this article — but if you click on the link at the end of my pontificating, you have to PROMISE me that you aren’t going to let old politics get in the way. The election that must not be named is over. It really is. This […]

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Running out of ziplock baggies

January 4, 2018

Setting: Living room couches. Props: Laptop and assorted minions running in and out. Situation: Placing the bi-monthly SamsClub order online so we can waltz in at some point tomorrow and trade our children’s inheritances for, like, half the store. Mr Smith: Do we need ziplocks? Mrs Smith: YES. Mr Smith: […]

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