June 8, 2015

When you think about it, there are so many different kinds of miracles. All kinds of creation. All kinds of growing. All kinds of making order out of chaos. Life is miraculous. Every day, every minute of it.  As I found in one my favorite books on mindfulness, “As long […]

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My Transformation

April 10, 2015

Aloha Everyone! So.  Here it is.  The post you’ve all been waiting for: What happened to a skinny person doing a Purium 10-Day Transformation? 1. I made my weight goal! YES! …Meaning that I succeeded in not losing any! Not everyone wants to pull a stunt like this:   I think I might […]

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Trashin’ Camp

April 6, 2015

By far my favorite mommy-moment from last week happened during one of those random everyday tasks. Some people think motherhood is a bit monotonous. I agree wholeheartedly…  It’s like a hamster wheel of neverending samey-samey… And yet, I disagree, too.  Are sunrises and sunsets “monotonous” just because they happen over […]

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Day 5

March 18, 2015

Probably my favorite day so far. I feel more mental clarity today than I’ve had in a long time. No, really, I am so much more centered and “well-grounded” and able to handle things going on (and going wrong, even)… Such a HUGE BLESSING! Hope it lasts. It might just […]

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Day Three

March 16, 2015

So yesterday I had a papaya — I really hate papaya, I think it smells like BO, actually — but it’s on the list of approved foods and it just…. sounded yummy. It sounded yummy? Yes it did. So I had some. And, as I told Mr. Smith — “Whoa, […]

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Waiting… and done waiting!

March 14, 2015

We spend a lot of time waiting. “Food for patience,” I once heard an elderly gentleman say. I don’t remember now the context, but it made me laugh, and his comment stuck with me. Something about the way he said it with a twinkle in his eye and a smile […]

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Those Moments

January 14, 2015

I love those moments where your heart feels full to bursting.  Kids are so precious. The pinching of my arms by the three year old who wants to play on the computer?  Not so much one of those moments.   Guess I’ll have to wait and finish this later… Someone […]

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