February 3, 2021

Do you ever dream situations similar to stuff you’ve dealt with in real life, but then in the dream, you get to do stuff you’d never do in person? Last night I dreamed there was a nurse and her assistant “offering” me and my husband the covid vaccine. We were […]

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January 27, 2021

  At 10:30am when your lap dog just REALLY wants to sit on your lap like it’s the best most wonderful place to be in the whole wide world, and you find it super grounding and calming — like force-feeding your busy mind a great big bite of inner peace […]

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January 26, 2021

I just went back and read through some of my life’s significant content from Jan/Feb 2020. That was *before* the world went crazy in reactions to the presence of a new virus. On January 4th that year, I learned one final piece about what was going on with me and […]

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In celebration of the inauguration, a rant

January 20, 2021

Yes, I’m not pleased with Biden’s being elected. But I’d also be equally not pleased if Trump had won. Have you heard of Ranked Choice Voting, or Alternative Voting? If you vote in the US, and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I *highly* recommend taking a little look […]

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Public Thank You.

January 19, 2021

Public thank you to God and the Universe and everything in it, that with the upgrade installed over time and activated in Feb 2020, that Big Red Button doesn’t go off like it used to. That Big Red Button Public thank you to my old self for writing this and attempting […]

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Called it

January 6, 2021

To commemorate this disgustingly historic day, I would like to record my reaction. Me, earlier today, seeing news about the violent invasion of the capital: I wonder how long ’til Trump supporters claim the violence was actually done by anti-Trump folk. “Everything was fine, we didn’t do anything wrong.” Put […]

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Come What May and Love It

January 3, 2021

So I am 100% sure I wrote a New Year’s Eve post once upon a time, in which I describe how I had a “word” for the year come to me, despite my plans to NOT have anything of the sort. I KNOW THAT HAPPENED! IwroteingreatdetailabouthowI’d – hang on. whatintheheck? […]

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