by Mrs. Smith on November 15, 2021

So am I the only one who’s like, “Okay, too much screen time for me, I’m totally taking a break from xyz tomorrow,” and then… yeah, right. Doesn’t happen.

I know I’m not.

I laugh at myself about the contuous epic fails, but I really *do* want a break sometimes. Feels like I need it, but something in my brain is just on autopilot when it comes to checking messages, that turn in to checking comments/replies/notifications, that turn into, ooops, 45 minutes later…

If you know, you know.


Saturday night, after a wonderfully full day (details for a different post), I had an idea.

What if instead of trying to hit pause on my favorite screen-based “time-suckers”….
What if I did 24 hours of zero screens in any form at all?

No checking weather forecasts.
No messaging. (gasp!)
No 5-minute-dungeon-timer app for kids chores. (another gasp)
No family movie.

Just don’t touch it.

Not even any camera stuff… except for when it turned out that I really did just have to video chat with my mom when I opened a baby-present.

Well, okay, and I had literally 30 seconds of checking texts, ONCE in the afternoon, prompted by just a simple “hm, maybe I should go ahead and see if there’s anything important there,” which was good because my midwife asked if we could change our appt time for the next day. Spent the whole 30 seconds holding that phone, feeling like I was playing hot potato and couldn’t wait to put it down, lol.

I’m calling it a win. 100%.

-happy dance-

It wasn’t even hard.

Something about zero screens, period, seemed to make a huge difference for me. Brain can’t go on screen autopilot if the screen is not looked at. Brain actually enjoyed the break this time. Mwahahahaha.

I wasn’t even particularly excited to go back on it today. I mean, here I am, obviously. Word quotas must needs still get met.

This was a little thing, but one I thought worth sharing.

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