Meet the Smiths

Call me paranoid, but I enjoy a certain element of anonymity here.  I like to think it makes us all seem a bit exotic and mysterious… even if it is in reality simply annoying to those who know us & necessary for those who don’t. 

Me – Anita Nap.

(My parents both liked the name Anita when I was yet to be born, so my pseudo-name here is a tribute to them. Fortunately, with a last name like Boye, they chose not to follow through with that one.)

Anita Nap

Full-time wife & mommy.

Part-time blogger, footzoner/neighborhood witch doctor,  reader, chorale accompanist and piano player/teacher.
 (Okay, I’m kidding about the “witch-doctor” bit – but I am very much into alternative health practices and almost every week have a friend or neighbor asking me what I’d do for x, y, or z…)

My secret aspirations of directing a children’s choir have been satisfied by assisting a world-class director in leading one of the best children’s choirs EVER.   Lucky me!

Also serving as cook, clutter-eliminator, laundress, housekeeper -QUEEN OF THE HOME- for the following wonderful people:

My husband and love of my life – John.

Computer geek [not to be confused with “tech geek” — he has a cell phone only because I insist!], avid learner, Master of space studies, father of the year, spouse of the century.

Computer Geek

 John took a job not too long ago, teaching at a university in Hawaii.  Now he gets to teach and train a new generation of computer geeks and he’s loving it!

 Together we have 6 children… so far…


Child #1 – Creativity  

Our first child and only daughter.  Queen Bee, Grand High Poo-Ba, avid reader (no, really, she is) and artist extraordinaire.   If she cuts her own hair one. more. time. though, I might have to…. well, let’s hope we don’t find out.




Child #2 – Doodle

 The Gary Poppins of boyhood.  Practically perfect in every way.  Unless you try to make him eat something he doesn’t want to.  Like noodles with sauce or toast with butter.  Ewwww…






Child #3 – Eagle 

Our move to Hawaii from Utah hit this little guy the hardest.  Even as a baby he was quite a homebody, and apparently his loyalty runs deep – no matter how awesome it is living here, he would love to move back.  



Child #4 – Freedom

  Super cute and fun. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Freedom is OUTSIDE. 

He is in his element outdoors, so it goes without saying that Hawaii is the perfect climate for this kid. 

100_6336 Gent For Short



Child #5 – Gentleman (Gent for short) – A fitting name for his charming personality. 

 He’s adorable.  (Unless he doesn’t get what he wants.  Then he’s two years old.)  


Child #6 – Hopeful

Precious.  Elegant.  Tidy.  Beautiful.  Captivating.  Huggable.  Beloved.  Feminine.  After 4 boys, Mommy is absolutely in heaven with the pink and the bows and the girly-ness of a sweet baby girl.  Hooray!  Thus far her older sister has joined me in the love-the-baby-girl-heaven, and her big brothers are all likewise enamored.  We’re enjoying her babyhood temendously.


And there you have it!


  It’s a busy, loud, rambunctious crew here in Smithtopia – but we’re happy, too, and love being together. 

We are grateful to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and try constantly to follow the Savior.

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