Those Moments

by Mrs. Smith on January 14, 2015

I love those moments where your heart feels full to bursting.  Kids are so precious.

The pinching of my arms by the three year old who wants to play on the computer?  Not so much one of those moments.   Guess I’ll have to wait and finish this later… Someone needs attention!

But, hey, maybe we’ll get to make another one of those moments.


Well, not so much.  It was a lonnnnnnnnnnng day in Smithtopia, and just in case you’re wondering, long days?  Not one of those moments.  Besides – moments are fleeting.  Days are too long to be moments.

This morning after changing H’s diaper, when I hid behind her clean, squishy feet to play peekaboo, and felt her chubby little toes on my forehead?  That was definitely one of those moments.  She’s so adorable!


When she giggled and laughed and had me do it over and over, the moment went on a little too long and I found suddenly lots of sawdust in my eyes.  Hate when that happens.

Baby’s giggles ended in confusion.  Oops.  You could almost see her thinking, “What in the world, Mom?!”

Kind of like when she went outside in Utah when we were there last month.  Whoa!  What’s going on?!


But we snuggled a bit and I talked about how much I love her and how happy I am that she came to our family.  Her puzzled look was replaced with one that said, “Oh, okay.  Mom’s just… weird.”

It’s going to be really fun when she talks a bit more.  She’s got a lot going on behind those eyes.

In the mean time, we’ll enjoy this baby toddler stage and milk it for every one of those precious, beautiful, feet-tickling, heart-bursting moments.

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