by Mrs. Smith on November 15, 2021

“Do you like the cute woodland animal theme?”

Um, yes. Definitely. Times a hundred. We live in the woods now, so it seems fitting, don’t you think?

Why is it that kindness is so deeply touching that I have a hard time writing about it?

It was a baby shower, not a kidney donation.

Maybe it’s the way this is Baby #7, and a lot of things about this pregnancy really are just too special to share. I mean, I *do* share how excited I am, but the why behind that joyful anticipation is so loaded… I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to articulate it. When I think about it, I just end up crying (like I did on the way to said baby shower, and like I’m doing every other sentence as I write this post…)
and that just doesn’t translate well into words.

Or maybe my having a hard time talking about this baby shower is about the fact that I, personally, would almost rather donate a kidney than throw and host a baby shower, lol. I have talents and gifts, but planning and party-throwing is just NOT on that list anywhere. My admiration & appreciation for those who love doing that kind of thing knows no bounds.

Whatever the reason, I haven’t been this speechless about anything in a while.

Soooo… With so much gratitude for the love showered on me & Josh, iBaby, and my whole family…

Here are pictures that can hopefully speak for me.

The whole “motorcycle” was built out of baby things.
Diapers, recieving blankets, binkies, bibs… It was amazing!!!

Oh, you caring, kind-hearted, beautiful women! I love you.

Captured the moment before I realized I was holding a Baby Yoda outfit.
He’s wearing this every day while it fits. Just so you know.

My favorite, sleepy little party animal…

My SISTER’S baby. Not mine.
Well, he’s definitely *my* baby nephew.
You know what I mean. Foxy little angel boy. 

Feeling the love, people. Thank you so so much.

2 weeks left, btw. Which is actually potentially misleading because my “due date” is in one week. But I’m saying “2 weeks left” until he gets here because it’s just easier that way when you sometimes cook babies a week longer than expected. 😉

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