Good Things…

by Mrs. Smith on February 23, 2018

It’s a good thing

I wrote about Princess Peach back when I had “zero complaints,” because I have one or two now.

  • SLEEEEEEEP! [puppy-like whimpering]
  • Also, put the puppy dowwwwwwwwwn, for the love, she’s being held so much she’s getting dehydrated.
  • Stop! What in the world?! NO, you canNOT stick the puppy’s face in her water dish! That’s not what I meant!

You get the idea.

It’s a good thing

talking on the phone with my sister is an endless source of mirth and commiseration and all things fabulous. I get all my best comic relief with her on the other end of the phone, and all my funniest ideas, too. Like this one right here.

whatireallydo copy

It’s not perfect but, oh, how hard we laughed finding pictures for the “what I really do” square. Oh man. The singing goat won, but the llama was a close second,

and her initial idea for it it to be some demented, distressed mouse…. I still giggle.

It’s a good thing

there are so many experienced people out there who’ve done the puppy thing before me. For one thing, they are evidence that people have lived through it. Excellent. And for another thing, I am soaking up every ounce of great advice they offer. God bless them, every one.
(Yeah, I’m looking at you, Dog Whisperer – and all the people who regurgitated his stuff my way.)

It’s a good thing

people out there devote so much time to figure skating, because that number from the Germans in purple totally saved me today. I think I watched it 3x before the kids woke up. It was so mesmerizing it almost felt like a tranquilizer.

And then when we hit that pre-lunch crazy time, it mesmerized my kids for like half an hour. They watched it over and over and over. Yep. God bless the Germans, too. Even if half that skating duo technically only recently got his citizenship there. Whatever. Germans. Gold medal. Amazing performance.

I had to watch it again when I went to find that link. Some things are just… wow.

…It’s a good thing

I started this post a week ago when I could still think of good things, cuz dannnnnnnng, week 2 of sleep dep was not kind to me. That or therapy kicked my trash again. At any rate, after a long week of misery and woe and all the light being sucked out of the world AGAIN, I *finally* had some happy moments today.

I was like, “Quick! Take a picture!” and hubby was like, “Quick! Blog!”

We crack us up.

Life is so good. Even when it’s miserable. Even when I think it’s not.
It really is just a good thing.


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