Day 5

by Mrs. Smith on March 18, 2015

Probably my favorite day so far.

I feel more mental clarity today than I’ve had in a long time. No, really, I am so much more centered and “well-grounded” and able to handle things going on (and going wrong, even)… Such a HUGE BLESSING! Hope it lasts. It might just be a random great-clarity day.  Those do happen.

But speaking of just doing the program, I’m much more in the groove now of what to take when – there’s a rhythm to it now that I don’t have to think as hard about as I did those first 3 days. Pills, shake, pills, shake…
Not hard.  

I’ve also learned what foods I can add in that are

a) going to help me towards my weight-gaining goals
b) fast/easy/healthy
c) um, yeah, fast/easy/healthy are pretty much the only requirements, because with spring break in full swing and all the Smithlings home all day, things are a little different than they are most of the time.  Which is kind of funny, actually, because…

The recommended STEP #1 with this 10-day thing is something like
“Plan your cleanse for a low-stress time.”

Spring break?

Whose idea was this anyway, to start something like this right as the kids are out of school for a week?

Ah, yes, it was God’s idea. He knew that it would be perfect for me. It’s really helped, actually, to have the normal get-the-kids-ready-for-school & do-homework-when-they-get-home stuff gone while I’m doing this Purium thing. The normal routine is completely out the window anyway, so it’s actually been easier to shake things up a bit (pun intended! bwahahah!) and try something new.
Go figure!
I never would have seen that coming.

Which is why I’m grateful that I listened. God always knows so much better than we do what’s good for us.


Another Great Side-Effect

Something else I didn’t see coming.  But I love this.  It might be my favorite part of this transformation.

As a mom with lots of kids to care for at home, in the past I’ve been in the habit of eating last.  They’re pretty noisy when they get hungry, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?  It takes, like, forever to get them all sitting at the table (maddening, but it can be hilarious, depending on how hungry you are) and then there’s the serving everything and the “Mommy, may I please have some water?” and the “Oh wonderful person who gave me life, this is so delicious I’d love to have seconds”…

Hey, it’s my blog, I can dream a little.

by the time I get to eat, they’re on to the next thing needing supervision… I shovel in whatever is left before someone else is needing me and… No wonder I’m underweight, right?  

So this little program has forced me to put my needs first.

Know what?

They’re still alive.


But they are!  It’s miraculous, I tell you.

I’m loving all this “take care of me” stuff I’m learning.  It probably sounds almost… hm… bizarre, if you don’t have kids, or if you have them spaced farther apart than our 19-20 months… But that’s just how it evolved over the years:  A lot of my basic, normal, you-take-it-for-granted-until-you-walk-this-path simple things (like eating breakfast) had been shoved under the Have-Six-Kids bus, and I guess even a fairly severe health crisis wasn’t enough to get rid of that habit.  Nope.  Still tend to try to fit their proverbial oxygen masks on first.  It’s what mom’s do.

But this is!  …sigh… so nice.  So nice to feel well-nourished.  This is one part of my transformation that I’m Definitely hanging on to.  My kids will thank me for it.


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