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by Mrs. Smith on June 14, 2021

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It’s a good thing I like the weather (and jacket) presented in this picture from OCTOBER, because it’s the middle of June and that is STILL the outfit I’d be most comfortable in, most of the time.
Sure, we’ve had a few scattered warm days here and there — we even had like two where it was actually hot (what????!). Things are all kinds of evenmoregreen and flowering and that’s… nice.
Forgive me, Team Spring, but autumn is better by a LOT.
This is cute, though, and fresh strawberries… whoa. I’m not complaining.
Well, not not yet. That’s in the next paragraph, just hold on.
Because for reeeeeeeeeeeals…
I’m ready for all this idyllic sweater-weather to get changed out for that thing that happens when it gets above 70 degrees AND WE CAN FREAKING *NOT* WEAR THE SWEATERS.
This is beginning to threaten my love of my hoodies, you guys — they’re getting almost boring — and that borders on straight-up travesty. I’m can’t fall in love with fall IF IT DOESN’T GET WARM.

Hot apple cider and pumpkin spice work so dang well because it’s been the last thing on your mind for  -cough, cough – several months.


There’s only 3 ’til September. WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!
I mean, really. Opposition, man. It’s a thing.
And remember, you’re talking with someone for whom anything under 73 is kinda cold. (70-72, if it’s sunny and not too breezy, okay. That’s not freezing.)
So for me, if it’s going to feel like it’s actually truly NOT close-to-winter, the weather’s got to get it’s rear up over 70 AND STAY THERE long enough for me to defrost.
I have friends in Hawaii who sometimes miss colder weather. That’s how I feel about heat. Not that I want to actually deal with hot weather day after day after day after day forever – but the same old same old gets old.
Hey, Northwest.
Ahem. You’re gorgeous. You’re one of my favorite areas on this planet, truly. I freaking love you. That’s why we’re here and all. I don’t actually mind the constant chill in the air thing. It’s cool. I mean, my husband wears a freaking beanie on his actual head. And hoodies. On the daily. It’s super attractive. So thanks for that.
But I’m pretty sure he’d like to see ME in something else.
Not that I want it to be hovering around 75-degrees for the entire year. I have scratched that itch and lived that dream and it was amazing. Loved that, too. That’s not you, though, and that’s not what I’m asking for. I like you being different. You rock being you, Northwest.
I’m just wondering…
Can we get going with the not-cold? Like, for more than a day or two here and there? That’s a thing you do, right?

Someone Not Acclimated To This Area Yet

PS: It is only just now, today, right in this moment, that it is dawning on me:

Ohhhhhhh. There’s basically one outfit here, too. Just like in Hawaii, where it’s shorts and tshirts and sandals all the whole dang year long. It’s long pants and real shoes/socks and hoodies… all the whole dang year long. You don’t actually ever have to put your cold-weather clothes away, like we did in Utah. I mean, rotate clothes when it’s going to be just a couple months? No. That’s silly.
In Hawaii, I learned to basically keep a set of long pants, hoodies, and socks in each kid’s size, in storage, and I’d get them out when we traveled, or during those two weeks in January when we froze. Starting to feel like the same thing is going to apply here with swim suits and shorts.
They do tell me that they have summer in these parts. It gets hot, supposedly.
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