by Mrs. Smith on January 27, 2021


At 10:30am when your lap dog just REALLY wants to sit on your lap like it’s the best most wonderful place to be in the whole wide world, and you find it super grounding and calming — like force-feeding your busy mind a great big bite of inner peace — you might sit there thinking, “awwww, so glad we have you, Princess.”

At 8:30pm when it’s time to crank the somewhat barbaric expander-device in your teenager’s mouth and that same dog runs to her, sensing her distress, very clearly trying to offer emotional support during this trying time, you might think, “best decision ever, that dog.”


When it’s 2am and that same creature THROWS UP ON YOUR BED, you think things like,

“No. To all my friends out there thinking it would be such a great idea to get a puppy: DON’T DO IT!!!! Just don’t! It’s like having a toddler that NEVER GROWS UP. Don’t be tricked by the cute part. That may very well be true, but the messes part! The get you up in the night part! IT’S NOT WORTH IT! JUST SAY NO!”

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