by Mrs. Smith on February 3, 2021

Do you ever dream situations similar to stuff you’ve dealt with in real life, but then in the dream, you get to do stuff you’d never do in person?

Last night I dreamed there was a nurse and her assistant “offering” me and my husband the covid vaccine. We were trying to keep the door shut, she was trying to get in, insisting quite kindly that it was a good idea, and didn’t we want the pandemic to end?

It was lovely of my subconscious mind to just dump ALL the research I’ve done, in the most concise and intelligent way possible… and let my emotions just run wild. All the anger. All the frustration. All the pent up rage about how society has handled this.

It’s not the virus. It’s how we’ve reacted to it.

In my dream, I got to work up to SCREAMING at the tops of my lungs, how I felt about the world shutting down over this virus and expecting the vaccine to save them from both their fear and their unhealthy lifestyles.

It felt great.

People (represented by the nurse in my dream) like to buy into the myth that we need vaccines to combat and overcome illnesses, but it just isn’t true. That’s a thing people can choose to do, but it is NOT a prerequisite for good health as individuals or as a society. I don’t buy that for one moment.   (*See note below) 

Vaccinating is a choice people can make and I really am not out to tell anyone what to do, one way or the other. I’m not. I do my own research, I do the best I can with the knowledge I have, and I let others do the same.



We need healthy immune systems and clean, hot water and soap. Also, food that isn’t spoiled/rancid.

In countries where they don’t have
clean, hot water,
and good nutrition
they are a lot more vulnerable to diseases.

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