Day, uh, 6.

by Mrs. Smith on May 30, 2020

Well, it’s kind of Day 6. Technically, it’s now Saturday which is Day 7, but as I have not slept yet, this is only TECHNICALLY Saturday. Real Saturday starts after Friday, which doesn’t end until I go night-night.

So. Yes. It’s still Friday. And I’m writing because despite my having dodged the bedtime routine with it being date night, here I am, up at 2am, snuggling while the 7yo falls asleep, bless her little “fireworks woke me up” heart.

Because it’s Hawaii and it’s it’s acceptable to shoot of aerials at 1:30am if it’s Christmas, New Years, Chinese New Year, Tibetan New Year, graduation, HS foot ball victory, super bowl, or your grandma’s birthday…

I love Hawaii. I really do. But yeah. Hello 2am. Whassup?

(Apparently, me!)

So let’s see. What’d you miss on day 4 and 5? Day 4 is a blur. Let’s just toss that one onto the abyss of quarantine nothing-happened days and move on to Day 5 where…

Drumroll, please!

Mr E graduated from 6th grade!

We are having significant technical difficulties uploading pictures here, so I’ll come back later and fix that. Maybe. I did kinda cheat and let Instagram post into Facebook for me, so many of you may have seen these already anyway. Or did I? I don’t remember if I clicked that box or not. Whatever.

There was a parade all through that little town and Big Sister did an awesome job putting together a video of the whole thing. Very cute. Every single time someone on the sidelines said congratulations or waved or whatever, Mr E would tell them thank you. He’s so charming. I’ll send you the youtube link if you want to see it, but I’m being lazy and don’t want to go find it right now. Cuz 2:15am. 😁🤪😬


Another very exciting thing happened that day. Not nearly as long in the making a getting a kid through elementary school, but…

We watched the season 3 finale of The Last Airbender that day, too. And it made my heart so happysad.


Over the last little while, we watched the whole entire show as a family. It was a decision prompted by Big Sister hacking into German Netflix so she could watch it (because it was just in the last week when US Netflix brought it on board) — and then Mr G whining for a week about the unfairness of her getting to watch it without him. And then this post (thank you, Kris) pushed me right over the edge of Doing This Thing. Worth every penny of that stupid Nickelodeon channel subscription.

One episode a day – 2 per day on the weekends. Oh, the self-control. The joyful anticipation every single day. The memories…

I wish I’d had a stealth camera filming the time all 4 boys spontaneously jumped up and acted out the beginning credits, speaking the intro along with Kitara. Oh my goodness, people. So dang cute, even if those boys all think they’re past the “cute” stage. Ha. I hope I remember it forever!

And speaking of epic moments, I hope they either remember fondly OR COMPLETELY FORGET the way I would dance to the end credits. Almost every time. Very few exceptions. (And the little stinkers hardly ever joined me. The nerve!)

It might be a little shallow of me but it really was one of my favorite things we’ve done as a family.
-Watching this show, I mean. Not the end-credits-dance-party-of-one, geeze, don’t be silly!-

I loved it. They loved it. All of it. All of us. All together. Quoting from it. Getting on each other’s nerves. Fighting over who sits where. Laughing at Sokka’s jokes. Cringing at the mushy scenes. Crying when Apa got kidnapped. All the things, man, all the things. (Not going to tell you who it was that cried on that part, but it wasn’t me. It might be that there are some Smithlings who really really love that flying bison.)

So here’s me trying to capture the moment and not fitting us all in the frame:

I have no idea why some of these photos are upside down.
And my awesome phone’s browser won’t flip them around here.
But you know, that’s life sometimes. It really is.
Sometimes it flips you over on your head
and there’s not much you can do about it…
And oh well! Smile anyway, if you can.
Moving on!



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