by Mrs. Smith on June 1, 2020

Counting stars and reaching them.

Counting years and extending them.

Counting lives and saving them.

Counting moments and preserving them.

At the end of a weekend full of words and tears and laughter and grieving and creating and destroying and endless commentary, I add a few more words here as I ponder…

What really counts?

What really matters?


There are protests going on about blatant injustice, racism, police brutality going unchecked… People standing up and saying that Black Lives Matter.

I so agree. Black lives do matter. Thank you to all who’ve been using your voice in defense of the persecuted. Thank you so much. There have been tremendous changes in my grandparents lifetimes, but there is still a tremendous amount of change needed. My hope is that my grandchildren really will learn about racismĀ only from studying history – not current events.

But I wonder what kind of change we’re actually ready for at this moment, when there is so much senseless violence. In many places, peaceful protests turned into riots. Sometimes it was police starting it, sometimes it was people who weren’t even there for the protest but came to stir up trouble…

Oh, humans. Why are you so bent on anger and contention? Why are you so divisive? Why do you make life so complicated when love is so simple?

Life matters.
Yours, mine, everyone’s. And right now, it’s spotlight on the oppressed for a very good reason.


Peace matters.
In our countries, communities, neighborhoods, families, and hearts.

Growth matters.
We can learn from bad choices we witness and the ones we make ourselves.

Forgiveness matters.
It frees us from the pain in the past.

Hope matters.
We can overcome pain in the present.

Change matters.
May our justified, collective anger serve a purpose.

Love matters…
Love matters the most.


And speaking of love,

My marriage turned 17 years old yesterday.
I am grateful that in many places, including Smithtopia, love really does win…
Not gonna lie, though, sometimes “triumph” looks an awful lot like barely surviving.😉

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