by Mrs. Smith on February 22, 2022

It’s 2pm on Twosday 2/22/2022,
I turned 20 x 2 on 2/12, and — my favorite —

our 2nd son turned 12 + 2 at 12 minutes before 2am twoday.

This is all just two-riffic if you ask me.

I mean, the part of my brain that loves number things is just floating in a sea of bliss right now…

For no other reason than that we get a whole glorious day to celebrate how 2-ish it is.

I am easy to please, apparently.
Or am I? I mean, this level of cool will not happen again until March 3 in the year 3003!

So, YES, it is worthy of merchandizing. Duh.

But I didn’t think of it soon enough to either make or buy anything of that nature. You might say I thought of it…

TWO late.


Nevertheless, my ten year old boy left the house in a tutu this morning.

Our 8yo daughter wore one, too, but she wore pajamas last Friday on not-pajama-day, and -as you may recall- she wore this on her first day of school last fall.

I’m thinking everyone who knows her isn’t going to bat an eye at her outfit today – which unfortunately did not get photographed.

The 10yo, though. That’s not his normal mode by any stretch of the imagination.

There may be a lot of things I need to do better in the mothering/nurturing department. (I’m not doing the self-depreciating, depressive “never going to be good enough” thing, you guys, I’m just being honest.) BUT.

My ten year old boy left the house in a tutu on Twosday with a totally brave smile on his beautiful face.

So maybe there’s hope for me, him, and everyone else, too.

Oh, wait. Hang on. I just thought of something. There will be this level of coolness before 3003AD. Duh. It’s only 200 years until the year 2222. I hope my great great great great great great grandkids throw the biggest party ever, even if though it won’t be on a Tuesday. How appropriate to be celebrating with them in spirit at 2:12pm. I didn’t even plan it. 😉

Life is better when you allow yourself to love,

even if it’s just the love of something silly like number-things. The more I think about it, the more I see how the opposite of love is numbness, and how to love is to live – really live. 

Yes, it can make life more painful, actually. Numb is easier in the short term, by far. But love is powerful. Love is what creates. Love is what heals. 

Love helps ease changes.

Love bridges gaps.

Love inspires faith and encourages hope and when love moves through you without barriers, you have charity.

It’s 2:22 now and I hope love finds you, wherever you are, whenever you are, and I hope your memories of 2/22/2022 make you smile.

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