by Mrs. Smith on February 22, 2022

I went downstairs tonight, carrying a big fat candle that has 3 wicks.

Into the room that 3 growing young men share.

“What are you doing, mom?” asked the now-14yo with confusion spelled out on his not-sleeping face.

“I’m waking up Frankie so he can make a wish and blow out 2 candles at 22:22. It seems like a pretty good idea, don’t you think?”

After F’s  devastating 2:22pm experience, E definitely agreed with me. The poor kid was so hurt by what happened, he couldn’t even enjoy our 2 jokes all afternoon, which was really too bad because we were all in rare form.

I think my favorite was when David gleefully whispered (so as not to give F another two joke to be upset about), “I think Frankie would call this, terrible twos.” Oh, the giggles!

It was adorable how the sleepy 12yo woke up and went with my little idea. Lighting matches in the dark is a little harder than I anticipated, and I totally broke the first one in two. Oops.

The second one worked, though, and we had a good 6 minutes to wait together in the light of the two wicks burning slowly, while F tried to think of a good wish.

2 minutes left and he couldn’t think of anything.

1 minute left, still nothing.

“If you can’t think of anything you’re wanting, maybe you could think of something you wish you could get rid of.”

Oh, the grin that lit up his face immediately! Sometimes we have everything we need, but too much of things we don’t.

The three of us counted down the seconds until 22:22:22, and F blew them out.

It took two tries, which seemed appropriate.

The light in your eyes was my wish fulfilled, Frankie, and I hope yours brings you as much joy as does mine.

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