Public Thank You.

by Mrs. Smith on January 19, 2021

Public thank you to God and the Universe and everything in it, that with the upgrade installed over time and activated in Feb 2020, that Big Red Button doesn’t go off like it used to.

That Big Red Button

Public thank you to my old self for writing this and attempting to capture what life is like with PTSD.

Public thank you to my therapist for working with me as I walked through hell, and for making super-helpful suggestions, like blogging.

Another public thank you to myself for being willing to work with a therapist at all.
SOOOOOOOO many people won’t. They get hung up on pride or fear. It’s almost always one of the two, preventing people from seeking professional help for a mental/emotional challenge.

So then, public thank you to my chiropractor for lovingly, humbly suggesting I do that.
SOOOOOOOO many of my friends at the time didn’t have the experience behind them to know how much I’d benefit from working with someone in the psychology department.

And lastly, public thank you to Mr Smith for taking care of our family so beautifully. When your wife has a Big Red Button getting hit all the time, it’s not easy keeping stuff together.

That was a long 7 years.

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