Called it

by Mrs. Smith on January 6, 2021

To commemorate this disgustingly historic day, I would like to record my reaction.
Me, earlier today, seeing news about the violent invasion of the capital:
I wonder how long ’til Trump supporters claim the violence was actually done by anti-Trump folk. “Everything was fine, we didn’t do anything wrong.” Put the blame on [whatever group they see as an enemy].
Me, just now, reading a post from a friend who is a Trump supporter:
Ding ding ding, there it is.
Right on time.
It’s a screenshot of someone sharing that their sister who was at the rally said it was a totally peaceful protest, and then this other rough group shows up, some of them even chanting BLM, and then those other guys do the things these innocent Trump followers are now getting blamed for…
It’s even got some photos to go along with it.
See? That guy invading the capital who’s face is 5-minutes-famous right now? He was at a BLM rally. Totally Antifa.
People are so predictable.
You know what would be cool?
People shelving their egos for 5 seconds and listening to others.
You know what else would be cool?
Grown-ups having emotional maturity. That would really be something special.
Exactly how long are we going to be pointing fingers elsewhere every time something goes wrong, and *not* looking in the mirror?
(Asking for a whole da*n country.)
And while I’m asking questions, I’m curious…
Is there a place to which your favorite politician or party could sink and you’d STOP SUPPORTING THEM? A point at which you’d say, wow, I’ve been duped. That’s messed up.
Be honest. Are you so married to those politicians/platforms/beliefs that you don’t even notice that you’re sacrificing every shred of sanity you have to cling to the belief that they’re in the right?
Is your religion tied into your political beliefs? In a good way? Helpful way? Or does it actually pit you against other people and create contention? (**RED FLAG, YO!)
Or you know what? Let’s go a step further. A good crash course in Buddhism!
Sit your behinds down under a tree and figure out that WE ARE ALL ONE and don’t get up until you *really* get what “done it unto the least of these” means. Not what you want it to mean in your beautifully innocent “My political views matter more than yours” mindset.
What it goshdarn *really* means.
And for those of you who made it this far, would you like to know what I actually secretly believe?
So lame.
Wait. It stopped. Happy day.
Wordpress, you so totally stink sometimes.
Anyway. Yes. All of this “us against them” is the controversy that is really the problem. All of it. Pick your favorite topic that has a movement behind it and another movement against it.
THAT right there is the problem, I don’t care which side you’re one.
That’s my opinion, and it’s understandably unpopular because we like violence in our society. We love the “we’re right, you’re wrong” thing and we’ll defend it and perpetuate it to the death. Even my presenting this secret little belief I’m harboring. It’s totally got contentious roots, do you see it?
THAT’S what needs to change.
THAT’S what’s at the heart of love one another.
Catching Monkeys - Bill Johnson
Gooooooooood luck with that, everyone.
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