So hey

by Mrs. Smith on December 13, 2020

There’s been so much change this year, posting here feels a bit like picking up someone else’s journal and helping myself to the blank pages in the back.

Such an intrusion!!

But here I am anyway.

Just saying hey.

To add to the list of things changed forever, I’m seriously feeling compelled to give up facebook altogether. And that’s… not a very happy thought. It really isn’t.

I can get my personal word quota out here, sure, but what about the part where I was blessed immensely by what my friends shared?

Like when Misty talked about the kids movie “Over the Moon,” recently put out there on Netflix. I would never have known it was there, I really wouldn’t have. And it was beautiful. The vocal talent they found… Wowzers. Absolutely loved watching it with the kids tonight.

I mean, I guess that’s a silly thing to worry about. Movie recommendations.

But it isn’t just that, of course. It’s the connection and collaboration and the comfort and so much learning from others. Man, I love people.

As I find myself about to end that chapter and begin writing in a new section, this is the part in the story where I get to just have faith that God has some purpose for this. There are probably a dozen reasons I could think of, that God would want me to move myself out of that arena. Likely none of them are actually The Reason, but let’s go ahead and list some anyway.

  1. He’s saving me from putting something really stupid out there. Bwahahaha.
  2. Facebook environment is toxic and hurting me in some way I might not notice.
  3. Social media is secretly controlling all who participate in it, so I gotta abandon ship. (see #2)
  4. I spend too much time on it. (See #2)
  5. There are real life relationships that will get more attention if I’m off it.
  6. It just might compel me to write that dang book already.
  7. There’s actually no reason, it’ll just be entertaining to watch me figure out what to do with myself without it.
  8. Okay, so I only came up with 7.

It’ll be interesting to see how this goes. I’ll also be writing on… What *is* that website again??? Gah, gotta look it up, hang on…

Yeah, that one. I like it.

Anyway, life’s been good.

Glad you’re still here.

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