Day 2. Oh baby!

by Mrs. Smith on May 25, 2020

Boom! Did it, y’all!

I survived the post-breakfast checking reflex.

I made it through the 4pm slug hour.

AND I stayed strong through the bedtime routine.

24 hours of no Facebook.

*happy dancing! woot woot!

I rewarded myself with a search for funny memes.

Okay okay, it wasn’t a reward. It was a desperate attempt to keep myself from opening that blue screen of connectivity during that 4pm slump.

“What am I missing, Self?”
“MEMES. There haven’t been any good memes in a while. Have we really, collectively, come to place so dark that we can’t make fun of it any more? Surely not!”

Waking up every morning in 2020 be like Let's see ... where were ...I had to dig, but I found them.

Oh, honey, I hear you. And this next one’s for all my freedom fighters…

But this last one had me laughing so hard I cried, you guys. For like, 5 full minutes. Tears streaming down my face. Children asking what the heck is so funny… and then, when I couldn’t answer because –LAUGHING– asking, a little bit worried, “Mom?… Mom?… MOM! Are you okay???? WHAT IS SO FUNNY?!”

Oh man.

So funny.

And hey, guess what else? Apparently, I’m not the only used-to-blog-er who’s dusting it off and getting back in the saddle.  The ‘rona has us all diving back into the comfort of archaic art forms.

Check this out. Tada! I’m not alone!

Not much else to report, really.

The dog got out and gave 5 of the 6 a nice run down the block. I also had that little 9 pound yappy little creature pull me, dog-sled style, while I rode the 7yo’s scooter. Just for fun. And, yes, it was fun, thanks for asking.

The oldest Smithling started her own youtube channel and the video she made today (will post tomorrow) cracked me up. I was filming for her and it’s amazing the footage turned out at all because I was shaking and giggling through the whole thing.

There were more feels that surfaced off and on all day without screens there to block them. There was more time spent just doing…. nothing. Or almost-nothing. Like petting the dog, stretching, pondering the worthwhile-ness of making kids help put away the 8 loads of laundry sitting there taking up almost all the laundry-basket-real-estate.

(It did move from the back patio to the upstairs landing. So. Uh. Yeah. That’s… something…)

And then there was the mesmerizing 20 minutes I spent playing with homemade slime. I’m still trying to figure out if I love or hate that stuff.

So anyway. Yeah. Another day down. Another post written. Ahhhh, this is the good life, I tell you what. Can’t wait to tell my grandkids about how I was so freaking awesome through all this. Mmhm. Gonna be great.

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Kris Irvin May 29, 2020 at 9:51 pm

aaaa saw on your Day 3 post that y’all are watching Avatar together and I APPROVE


Mrs. Smith May 30, 2020 at 1:52 am

Your “watch Avatar with your kids” post played a significant part in that unfolding. In fact, you can take ALLLLLLLLLLLL credit and it would be fairly justified. The 16yo finding a way to hack into German Netflix to get to it (when USA Netflix was being lame) and the 9yo whining at me for a week that it wasn’t fair that SHE got to watch it when HE couldn’t may have also played a part in this unfolding but it was pretty minor. The Krisling spoke first. 😉


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