My Rebelious Non-Post

by Mrs. Smith on January 6, 2018

This isn’t the post you’re looking for.


I’ve been writing a post all day and the magic just isn’t there and I can’t find it and I’m sick of trying so I’M LOWERING THE BAR.


Pbthththththth. ;P

And the moment I decided not to post anything, I had this irresistable idea.


Well. Instead of that other dumb post that I probably won’t get around to finishing ever, I’m just journaling a silly moment from last night that I want to live on forever. It doesn’t count. I’m not editing it. I’m not proofreading it. I really am lowering the bar, dagnabbit.


Okay, I *mmmmmight* add ONE little picture but that’s only because pictures are fun.

I could quit. Any time. F’reals.

Spoiler Alert
for Man of Steel.

Yeah, the one that came out like 5 years ago or something. Just in case there’s someone else who’s hubby saw it forever ago and now they’re catching up and watching it because Justice League kinda rocked.

So, Mr Smith & I were watching Superman last night.

The verrrry end of it, there’s some interaction between Superman and a general commander dude, with a military assistant-commander-chick standing there watching.


Superman says, “You’ll just have to trust me,” and flies off.


The commander looks at his sidekick who’s got a pretty goofy look on her face.

just think

Commander guy says, “What?”

In the dramatic pause that follows, I interject with a sarcastic projection of what she could say next:

“He’s so hot!”

Hilarious, right? As if that’s what she’ll say. I’m so funny.

Then the sidekick tough-stuff female military chick person replies — I kid you not —


Maybe you had to be there, but I’m pretty sure folks across the street might have heard me laugh at that one.

I’m also pretty sure Mr Smith has superpowers of his own, because he did NOT laugh in those milliseconds after my interjection, before the actress tossed her line out there. WHAAAT? How did he DO that when he knew what was coming?

That man is a rock, I tell you what.

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