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by Mrs. Smith on February 11, 2016

Do you know what’s fun?
Lots of things, of course. But for me, I have lots of fun when my friends reach out for help with health-related stuff. I love putting my brain and intuition to work and doing what I can to help.

Do you know what’s not as fun?
Having swollen feet.

A good friend of mine is traveling on the mainland with her family, and has lots of great adventures lined up.

She sent me a text this morning about how one of her feet is super-swollen after their super-long flight. That sort of thing happens all the time, but usually dies down after a while. 5 days is plenty of time for things to get back to normal.

“I have tried some oils. Nothing seems to be helping.”

Hm… First thing that came to mind was how quickly her body usually responds to footzoning. I could make a little video with the 3 “signals” she needs rubbed! Yes! That should work pretty well, especially since it’s only been a week since her last footzone.

So yeah. I recommended she drink lots of water & put her feet up as much as possible,

…and then I kept watch for a spare minute.

Those can be hard to find — especially quiet, preferably-kid-free minutes, but I found one.

3 minutes in a row, actually!

No way!

Yes way!

Every once in a while…

I set my mind on doing something and it actually happens. Every once in a while. You know. Like when planets align over pyramids.

Those few minutes for that video only happened because
a) Mr. Smith got stuck in unexpected traffic on his way to meet me with the car,

b) one kid was at preschool waiting for me to come pick him up,

c) and the other 2 littles were with the neighbor who watched them for me while I went to a wonderful class about the little book, Daughters in My Kingdom.

After calling to see where he was and finding he’d be a few more minutes, I spied a nice dry spot in the shade under one of those mini-palm trees that I love so much…

Right there next to the arrow… They’re SO CUTE!

3 minutes later, all done!
I might be looking up every 10 seconds to see if the car driving past is Mr. Smith, but hey. The info is all there.

3 hours later, uploaded!

Good advice. No, really. It is.


So here you go — waaaaaay more of my feet than you probably ever wanted to see. 😉

Note to self: I don’t care what kind of hurry you are in. Check your feet before you film them. Especially if your 2 youngest were playing in a mud puddle this morning. You thought you came off from that unscathed, didn’t you? HA! Nice try.

What’s with the balloon?

It bops in and out of the background, but I love it. It reminds me of the happy surprise Sis. Tanner had waiting for us at the last class of the semester — Tied to each chair in our circle bobbed a bright helium balloon with “Your Turn to Soar” written on it.

When writing this last chapter, my spirit just soared. It felt like a tremendous culmination — but not an ending. It’s all come together to create this great, beautiful expanse, and we can now just soar!

Friends, may you soar today. And may your swollen feet get better.

PS: A full footzone is going to be about 100x better than just a little 3-signal treatment like I explain for you. Just so you know.

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