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by Mrs. Smith on January 14, 2016

Aloha friends!


First off, I want to just lead out on this sacred topic (yes, sacred) by affirming here my faith in God. I firmly believe that all healing comes through Jesus Christ, and the tools He made to help us, as His creations, His work, His glory.  I believe that the human body is the most amazing creation of all, and that it is divinely designed to heal.

If you bring your faith to the table as you struggle with [whateveritis], He will guide you to the tools you need to recover from it. Or He might just outright heal you if that’s His will. I love when that happens — and just for the record, it does. But for His own reasons, there are times He lets us learn and grow and heal over time. He’s the boss. He knows best, even if we don’t always understand it — And, best of all, He listens and knows what we’re going through, and loves us through all of it.

That’s the most miraculous thing of all, really.


With that introduction, allow me to share with you what I learned from a fantastic, if short, lecture from a naturopathic doctor/midwife/doula/Ayurvedic-medicine-expert/compassionate healer, Dr Ye Nguyen.

7 Pillars of Hormone Health

We tend to think of just reproductive health when we hear the word hormones, but that’s only one small part of a much greater whole when it comes to hormones and the human body. Adrenals regulate our stress response through their own set of hormones.
Yes, stress. Like being chased by a bear — but also, being chased by a deadline or a cranky coworker, or by a kid falling out of a tree, or a dinner burning, or a spouse coming home late from work… Our poor adrenals!  Modern life does not suite them well.

There are hormones released to help digest our food, hormones involved in regulating sleep and temperature… ALL of our feelings are intimately connected to and almost regulated by hormones, and thus much of our behaviors and moods are heavily impacted/influenced by hormone levels.  This is a major factor in anxiety/depression issues, in… just a TON of things, really…

So hormone health. It’s kind of a big deal.

And here are the 7 pillars that Dr Ye talked about today.

I am seriously considering creating a series of posts going into more depth about these – because she did dive into them and I learned a lot! – but you don’t want to wait for me to get all that done. Here are those 7 pillars, my friends, and you can just breathe deeply and think on them a bit.

  1. Let foot be thy medicine… diet/nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Hydration
  5. Meditation/Prayer –
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Community – faith, family, friends

She gave us a recipe for an essential oil blend that’s great for hormone balancing. Huzzah!  Here you go:

30 drops Clary Sage
30 drops Thyme
30 drop ylang ylang

Add to 1 oz evening primrose oil. Use behind ears, on wrists — and, I will add, on the soles, around ankles, or along arches of feet.  🙂


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