by Mrs. Smith on March 2, 2021

May be an image of beach, ocean, cloud, nature and text that says 'Home again home again jiggety jig.'I am typing this from my screened in lanai, watching banana leaves dance under gently falling rain.
Location: home in Hawaii. We will be here for three weeks.

So of course I gave our friends here lots of notice that we were coming back. Of course I did.

And of course we planned out our adventures so we don’t just sit here doing nothing like we’re used to doing.

*cricket chirping

Mmmm… Yeah, no.

That would have been smart. That would have been a great idea. It crossed my mind more than once. But it didn’t happen.

What happened was,

The last 2 months didn’t go at all as planned, and I there were many places where we didn’t know if this relocation plan was actually going to happen. Lots of things. I’m not telling you all the details. Just trust me. There are reasons. It was super “fun.”

And about coming back to Hawaii —

We didn’t know for sure if this trip was really going to happen. Clear up until the week we left, it was actually a bit up in the air. We’re good at that, apparently.


In general, I just can’t even with the last full year. Really.
It’s. been. so. bizarre.

But also,

let’s be real for a moment.

It’s not just circumstances. For those of you who don’t actually know me at all, I am, hm…

How shall I say this? I mean, it wouldn’t be healthy for a rooster to be like “I’m really bad at swimming” or for a goldfish to be like “I suck at flying.”

I shall therefore refrain from saying “I AM REALLY BAD AT PLANNING.” — but it isn’t untrue.

We could spin it in a more positive light, right?

I am super great at living spontaneously and going with the flow.

I am really good at rolling with change and allowing things to just be what they are.

I find joy in letting my life unfold without my trying to control it. At all.


Also, I crack me up.

So anyway.

Friends in Hawaii. We are here! We would love to see you! You are the reason we came back over spring break. You are what we miss when we’re not here. You are an integral part of what makes this place so wonderful. I cry if I think about how much you mean to me and my family. We love you.

I’m hoping that despite my planning-impaired-ness, we will in fact get together and our kids will romp in the waves and we will make memories that can carry us through until the next time we get together.

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