More like Pixie Poop! Ha.

by Mrs. Smith on July 5, 2018

When you’re shooting for…

Image result for tinkerbell pinterest fail

hoping it’ll at least be…

Image result for tinkerbell pinterest fail

but in real life, it looks more like…

Image result for smashed cake

In taking myself out of Facebook for the month of July, I was expecting…

Good question!

What WAS I expecting?

I don’t know…
That making space for Pixie Dust would automatically activate it?

That I’d click into some sort of amazing Mary-Poppins/Nanny-McFee/Mrs-Incredible/Fraulein Maria hybrid?
That this whole month would be one big, Neverland-worthy, life-changing, epic-fun, self-cleaning, swashbuckling parrrrrrtay?

I mean, what else could I do with all that time if not create something magical and meaningful and awesome?

To borrow a phrase from a comment from a friend, “It sounds noble and all…”

But it’s not!
Not even close.

I may or may not have laugh-snorted when I read that “It sounds noble” comment, actually. Oh my gosh. Made my day. I love your guts, Kris.

Hopefully, by the end of the month (or the end of the week?), I won’t view this whole experiment as one big Pinterest Fail. Better to try than to NOT try. Right?

Yes. That is what I shall continue to pretend believe.

More on this cake-wreck later.

Image result for tinkerbell pinterest fail

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