Our Little Big-Island Adventures, Table of Contents

by Mrs. Smith on June 15, 2018

This is my goal right here.

Yup. A full dozen posts to document our recent trip. Given that I’ve written maybe 12 posts in the last, like, 3 years… it’s not overachieving or anything.

How is this remotely in keeping with my new years resolution to “lower the bar?” I ask myself.

Well. I’m giving myself permission to NOT have pictures on all of these. In fact, I am going to force myself to NOT have pictures on all of them. I might even go so far as to give myself a classy one-picture-per-post rule for these.

We shall see.

But the goal is to get these, cough-cough, few posts up here before the end of the week month. And still feed my children and talk to my husband and stuff.

One post is already written, so, pshhhhh, it’s in the bag, man. I so got this.

Mr Smith & The Iron Man


…I would most definitely NOT share this were it not for something cool that happened later that won’t make any sense without context.

Taking Off

up, up, and way, twice in one day. 
also, if your spouse is throwing up in a helicopter, do NOT film it.
Just don’t.


a big part of our trip

The Excitement

my favorite part, maybe

The Find

(sequel to Itching)
my jaw hit the floor, basically. it was like a completely-surreal dream come true.

The Race

why we went, how it went

The Plot-Twist

or “how not to go crazy when you’re going crazy”

The Angels

because this story would most definitely not be what it is without them.

The Lesson

everything doesn’t happen for a reason,
but you can find a “reason” in anything if you look for it

The Last Day

or, “how wussy am I”
or, “lessons from wimpyhood
or, “why Mrs Smith decided to make a permanent life change”

The Last Laugh

how karma works



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