Because I said I would.

by Mrs. Smith on March 31, 2018

3 years ago, I was so touched by a phrase on a shirt that I wrote a big long status about in on Facebook. It popped up in my “memories” thingy on my newsfeed today and I’m making note of the differences.
3 years ago, I vented my thoughts on Facebook.
Today, blog post.
3 years ago, I wondered how the world would be different if people lived by that philosophy.
Today, my mind immediately goes to real-life examples I see daily.
Mr Smith is really, really good at it. The last 3-4 years, he’s done a LOT of things “because he said he would” and the truly remarkable thing is that there’s no bitterness or martyrdom in it, even when it isn’t pleasant. If anything, it appears that he often finds joy in following through — easy or hard, why complicate things by throwing a fit?
I am not nearly as gifted as rolling with the unpleasant. He truly is my better half.
3 years ago, that shirt inspired me to picture a better world.
Today, it leaves me feeling blessed by the many people who are already making it a beautiful place to be because they’re simply trying to do what they said they would.
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