Hot Lava

by Mrs. Smith on February 7, 2018

Our lovely giant white tiles turned into lava this evening, just before dinner.

No lives were lost because, fortunately, most of the family was already at the table, and the 4yo reminded us that parents had flying powers. Whew! Lucky us!

Less-fortunately, the 4yo also informed me that for my flying powers to work, I had to jump and flap my arms.

Are you kidding me?

I was tired. So tired. Did I mention, I was reeeeeally tired? Sleep-deprived headache, the whole sha-bang. I’d just used up my 3rd or 4th “second-wind” of the day at choir practice.

No regrets, man; I loved being up late writing that post last night, but dang. It didn’t feel like there was much left to give and there was that bright, blue-eyed 4yo, thinking I needed to be doing what? Flailing around like a… I don’t even know. If I weren’t so sleep-deprived, I could probably come up with something really witty here to describe it. Work with me here and imagine something totally ridiculous.

Much to my surprise, the “I just can’t” script didn’t work! I tried to pull it out but the words wouldn’t come. What? Weird.

About as soon as I thought about mimic-ing the 4yo’s ridiculous contorting, I found myself doing it: hopping up and down, pretending to fly above the fiery, flaming ground…
and absolutely loving it.

Apparently I was doing it wrong, though,
because the bossy-boss-pants kept giving me pointers.
“No, not like that, Mommy! Like THIS…”

So there we were –

– the 4yo climbing her way to the table via the magic iceburgs floating on the sea of lava-tile, barking orders at me while I bounce around and flap my arms, totally doing it wrong no matter how I change it, giggling while risking life and limb, trying to avoid death-by-lava, with the rest of the family waiting for us to sit down to dinner.

….Oh, wait. No, they weren’t. The boys were stuffing their faces. I’d best get my facts straight here.

At any rate, it was incredibly fun. Wish you coulda been there, but since you weren’t, here’s the next best thing:

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