Chatting with God

by Mrs. Smith on January 23, 2018

I’m having dental work done tomorrow.

Don’t judge, k, but apparently I’ve developed some significant anxiety related to dental work in my old age.
(Ugh. Darn big red button issues!!!)

I’ve faced it. I’ve pretty much made peace with it. I *think* I’m mostly over it, to the point that I might be back to “normal” again about it.
Maybe. What even is normal? Normal is a little bit like super nervous, right? 

But anyway, moving from “complete and total basket case” to “just nervous” took time.

It may or may not have taken me MONTHS to get up the nerve to do this root canal (pun SO intended there), and the big day is tomorrow, soooo…

So I did what any smart Mormon would do and I asked for a priesthood blessing. My hubby was surprised when I asked him to find someone to come help join him.

Mr Smith: Oh, I thought this was “just” a comfort-type blessing.
(which wouldn’t necessitate having another priesthood holder there) 

Hehhhhhhhck no, I’m having a tooth completely gutted, man, are you kidding? This is pretty invasive. I want a kick-tushy healing blessing before they get anywhere near me with those drills.

The blessing was lovely.

It was exactly everything I wanted to hear. Honestly, it was like he read my mind and said everything I’d secretly hoped for. Woohoo! It was peaceful and calming and reassuring…

but then at the end it was made very clear that those blessings would be contingent on my faith. He even said it in several different ways, from several different angles.

Cue: Insecurity

It was one of those moments where I was like… Okay, wait. Remind me? Faith. As a power. In action. How do you do that again? I know this. But do I really do it?

Later this evening, I confided in a good friend (via fb messenger) that I was maybe a little bit wondering if I really had that kind of faith. 

Being the good friend she is, she reassured me that I do have faith. Lots of it.

Tangent: I love my friends. I am so, so, so blessed in the friend department, it’s not even funny. It’s humbling and inspiring and just completely magnificent to know such gloriously wonderful women. The world is really not as bad off as it looks, you guys, even if you’re having a root canal tomorrow.

But as much as it’s wonderful that this friend knows I have lots of faith, it wasn’t enough. *I* needed to know if it was true. And where do you go if you want to learn something of that nature? You go straight to the top.

Here’s how that conversation went

So, hey, God, Alison says I have lots of faith, but do I reeeeeeally have enough faith to make that blessing work? Really? Cuz I kinda am not so sure right now.

Would I have had Mr Smith make those promises conditional on your faith…
if you didn’t have it in you?

Huh! Good point… That would be super sucky of you if you did, but no, you probably wouldn’t do that.

In fact, I had him emphasize it so you’d remember it, and when it all happens and everything goes just like I said it could, you’ll recognize that YES YOU HAVE FAITH DON’T BE RIDICULOUS. I want you to know your own faith like I know your faith.

Oh. Right. That makes sense.

And if you need more proof, if it was going to be sucky and awful and miserable, I would have done one of those “Hang in there, I’ll be with you, you can get through this, someday it’ll be over and you’ll look back on it…”

STOP!!!! Yeah, I get the picture. I remember those all too well. Thanks, yep, I am SO glad it wasn’t another one of that kind.

I’m really good at being honest. And transparent.

Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Such an awesome pun!!!!

That was just for you. ❤

So yeah. That’s how that went. I love chatting with God. He’s the literal best.

And if you likewise enjoy praying, and wouldn’t mind sending me some love that way, that’d be super great.


Very funny, God. Way to throw out a 8.2 earthquake in the gulf of Alaska right now. Nothing like a tsunami advisory alert on our phones to really help a gal drift off to sleep.

“Further messages will be issued hourly or sooner as conditions warrant until the threat to Hawaii has passed.”

Can I just say WOW, though? I mean, THANK YOU, for providing us with a way to monitor stuff like this! It seriously fills me with awe that we can get these kinds of notices instead of being woken up at 3am with the Pacific Ocean climbing up our street.

Oh, excuse me. Not 3am. 

“If a tsunami were to reach the Hawaiian islands, its earliest estimated arrival would be at 4:26 am.”

See what I mean? We’re so blessed.

And also, assuming that office isn’t washed out, I am now pretty much guaranteed to be so tired tomorrow that I’ll be punch-drunk-loopy in that endodontist’s chair. Perfect.

Ah, the joys of island life.

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Krisling January 23, 2018 at 8:08 pm

Ha! I had to go to the dentist today. It was just a cleaning but I have major MAJOR dental anxiety. When I was 4 a dentist got mad at me for squirming and he sent my mom out of the room. Then when I started crying he put his hand over my mouth and held my nose shut so I couldn’t breathe. It was terrifying and I thought I was going to die. freakin dentists. so i feel your pain my friend. hope everything goes well <3


Mrs. Smith January 24, 2018 at 11:18 am

Oh. My. Goodness.
Way to score a kid lifelong, massive dentist anxiety. Wow. I can’t even imagine. Normally I try not to think horrible things about a person, BUT THAT DENTIST SHOULD NEVER EVER HAVE KIDS IN HIS OFFICE. EVER! Your poor inner child must seriously throw the biggest tantrum ever when you get anywhere close to anything tooth-related. Oh, man.
You win for horrible dentist stories today. EESH. But hey, I don’t feel so bad about throwing a massive 3 month long fit about this. #solidarity
So yeah. Thanks! 😀 Glad you survived your cleaning. 😉


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