Things I didn’t regret

by Mrs. Smith on January 16, 2018

One more little blip about last Saturday. When the “crisis” was over, there were some things I noticed that were not on my “if I had just been blown to smithereens, I would have regretted” list.

I didn’t regret seeing The Greatest Showman three times. Yup. True story.

I didn’t regret the “realness” of the last 4 years, much of which wasn’t pleasant.

I didn’t regret enjoying little things — all those times I stopped for a bit and just enjoyed the wonder and awe of creation or the cuteness of my kids. I was so grateful for those moments.


I didn’t regret all this blogging! It was such a happy thing that I got a few words out before the world potentially blew up. Woohoo!

I actually kinda didn’t regret almost everything I thought I’d regret. It just was what it was. Can’t change it, can’t go back and do it over. Whatever I messed up on, however inferior I was in whatever ways… It’s just life. It’s messy and imperfect and that’s really okay. It’s how we learn. Jesus makes it possible to let it all go and just keep the good parts.

…and there are so many good parts!

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