by Mrs. Smith on January 10, 2018

Subtitle: You Know You Really Love Your Sister When…

Y’all might not know this, but I have the best sister ever.

I was 7.5 years old at the time, but I still remember how beyond-excited I when she was born. After having two awesome (read: intense, wild, crazy, NOT-girly) brothers tearing apart the house my whole life, I was now blessed with The Most Deeply Cherished Longing of My Entire 7yo Being:

a sister!

There are simply no words to describe my over-the-moon excitement. None. I flew around the room in a wild, frenzied, twirly-whirly dance, so happy that I thought I might explode. Gramsie was there giving me the news and would reminisce about that scene for years to come.

“I’ve never seen ANYONE as happy as you were when you found out L was born.”


She was everything a girl could wish for. It was happily ever after as far as I was concerned. I mean, hello. Look at that pink cuddliness right there. Oh, I could just hug her! And I did. Every day. 37590_1528436808867_1312662_n

That’s not the surprise for which this post is named, however. Nope. That was just a nice lot of backstory. 
You’re welcome.

20 years later,

when she came to nanny for us during Baby #5’s pregnancy,044both my own mother AND my husband would mistake us for each other over the phone, such a good job did I do raising a clone.

That’s not the surprise, either, though it was super funny at the time. More backstory, just for fun.

We may not look identical, but mannerisms, laugh, knee-jerk reactions, replies, patterns of speech and all things of a remotely similar nature… Yep. Twinners. It’s pretty fun.
We’d say the same thing at the same time, and then laugh about it in exactly the same way, and then we’d say something about it — yeah, exactly the same thing again, and then again, back to back to back to… It would go on for a while sometimes until neither one of us could even talk at all, we were laughing so hard.

Man, we had so much fun together that school year, watching chick flicks when Mr Smith was at meetings, taking blurry selfies at what felt like 2am…

Good times, good times.

But wait! There's more! She is the literal best.

The surprise happened yesterday

when my sweet, patient, fabulous, patient, wonderful, patient husband texted me:





It’s times like that you reflect on your life and ponder your priorities.

First, DANG, I lucked out:
awesome sister AND awesome husband who shrugs off $500 phone bills like it’s not even a thing. Whew.

His only commentary was something witty like, “Tell your sister we can’t use our insurance benefits to pay for sister-therapy.” Hahaha.

Second, I thought back through the many lovely, long conversations we’ve had the last couple months since we hooked up this lovely little “land-line” service. Most of the time we were enabled in our “sister therapy” by my 4yo happily watching scishowkids on my cell-phone…

No regrets.

It was worth every penny.

That’s how much I love her. And also how much I value all those cleared-off counters, washed dishes, and gleeful laughing at our own cleverness, entertaining ourselves on speakerphone while we clean.

(That’s what we do while we talk, you know — we get productive. In fact, you could almost say those phone bills were basically paying for a cleaning service AND therapy AND antidepressants, all in one. BOOM, baby, what a steal of a deal!)

I regret nothing… but (cough-cough)…  seeing as that same amount of money could basically pay for me to fly out and actually visit her – it is probably wise to change behavior moving forward.

I’ve carefully contemplated several options.

After reviewing potential solutions, it has been determined that my sister needs to come live next door so our phone calls aren’t long distance any more.

Problem: solved

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