My Transformation

by Mrs. Smith on April 10, 2015

Aloha Everyone!

So.  Here it is.  The post you’ve all been waiting for:

What happened to a skinny person doing a
Purium 10-Day Transformation?

1. I made my weight goal! YES!

…Meaning that I succeeded in not losing any!

Not everyone wants to pull a stunt like this:



I think I might have even gained a pound.  Sweet.  I so totally ROCK, dude.

2. I really had a beautiful experience with it.

With the way my husband and so many friends have had success with this,
I thought I knew what I was getting in to.

You think you know,
But you don’t!

It’s like thinking you know what riding a roller coaster is like — and then when you get to climb in, buckle up, and take off, when you get to feel the anticipation and rush, the wind in your hair and the thrill of each twist and turn — THEN you know how it is to ride that ride.  THEN you really “get it.”

So, yeah, that is me + the Purium 10 Day Transformation.


Every person is totally unique and will “ride that ride” for different reasons, with different reactions and results — But now I can say that I’ve done it.  Now I get to know what it feels like to take that 10-day break from processed foods.  Now I “get it.”  When the roller coaster came to a stop at the end of Day 10, I didn’t want to get off.  For reals.

You know that spiritual high that you can get from fasting?  That peace and “my spirit is in charge here, not my stomach?”  That’s how it felt.

So maybe the roller coaster analogy isn’t the best.  Not a lot of peaceful feelings there.    And I’m likely to scare off everyone with a roller coaster phobia.

I mean, I think this is hilarious —

But probably not everybody would.

It was more like getting an air-lift to the top of a mountain of zen peacefulness and getting to sit there for 10 days straight.   I loved it! I really did.  It felt like I had connected to something solid, some kind of anchor way deep down, and I felt grounded and still at my core.

I didn’t know good nutrition could do that for you.  I “knew” that our bodies impact our spirits, our mind, our emotions… But I hadn’t ever had such a dramatic shift –
– especially to have it last a long time.  Footzoning can give me that “wow” grounded, good feeling, but within a day or so it’s kind of worn off, leaving me with the more typical, gradually-improving health benefits.  

Usually the decline into disease is gradual, and so is the climb out.


Like I said.  Air-lift to a mountain top.

I was sometimes a little tired, I’ll be honest, but it was a good kind of tired.  A “rebooting” kind of peaceful tired — not the cranky, chew-your-face-off tired.  Which does happen sometimes.  But it didn’t happen during those 10 days.  😉  I really enjoyed that — the not being cranky part — and I bet my kids did, too.

3. I learned how it feels to really take care of myself.

Aww…  That’s right.  The Mommy learned she needs to “mommy” herself – and that as a result, she is a much better EVERYTHING.  Much better wife, mother, daughter, friend, neighbor… 

4. I learned what kinds of foods my body wants, needs, and likes and how to make time for it.

That last part is still REALLY tricky, but hey, good to know it can be done.  And shakes/pills are pretty fast.  Bonus.  Even off the cleanse, I’ll add the Aminos and/or shakes into my day because they’re so fast & easy & good for me.


Core 3 is seriously the way to go! Can’t beat feeling like your health is constantly improving instead of breaking down.

5. I feel more content with who I am.  My weight hasn’t changed, but I have.

Mine was a “behind the scenes” transformation… So it’s harder to share in a lot of ways.  More words, less pictures — which likely means that only one or two of you will actually make it to the end of this post (Hi Mom!) — but yeah.

More profound than just weightloss, I think.

6. My house is now spotless, the wrinkles around my eyes have vanished along with the bulgy mommy-veins on the backs of my hands, I’m a fabulous meal-planner and cook, take perfect selfies, and there is no longer any need for pest control within a 10 foot perimeter around our house.

Oh, wait.


#6 was my imagination.

My house is still super cluttered and messy, my eyes are still very not-20-any-more, my hands are definitely still mommy-hands, my cooking generally leaves a lot of room for improvement, still can’t take a good selfie, and we do have to terminate the occasional roach/mosquito.  (Welcome to Hawaii.)


I can much more easily visualize what I’d like our home to look like, which is a really big deal, actually,

I find that I love my mommy-hands, and all my other “imperfections,” in a way that had been completely foreign to me before,

I feel more motivated now to figure out the mystery that is “preparing healthy meals” for my family,

I feel differently about those selfies (will explain more later),

and… I still sometimes get squeamish with the critters that don’t understand they aren’t welcome in Smithtopia.  That last one hasn’t changed.  😉  


It almost felt like I’d had a brain reboot.

I didn’t drop weight – I dropped mental cargo I had no idea I was carting around.  I honestly don’t know how Purium did that for me, but it did.

I dropped unrealistic expectations of myself.

I dropped dissatisfaction with myself.

I dropped the tendency to not “listen” to what my body was telling me.  Things like hungry, tired, overwhelmed… Messages

I’d learned to shove aside “for the greater good,” except that it definitely wasn’t for anybody’s great good, actually.

I shall now force myself to post my before/afters, as promised.

Not my comfort zone, but I have to post them, you see, because they illustrate so nicely what I’m trying to explain.

When I took my before pictures, I had the same reaction to pictures that I always have to pictures of me.  CRITICISM.  Big time.  Pictures of me are were of two kinds:

Okay with it.

Hate it.

 Yup.  That’s how I rolled, and I’ve rolled that way for so long that I didn’t even notice it.

So it was a BIG DEAL when I took my “after” pictures and liked them.  Even though they weren’t perfect.  I wasn’t just okay with it — I actually, reallytruly liked those pictures.  Huh! Good feeling!


Then I scrolled over to my “before” pictures to see if I noticed any changes,

And there was, in fact, a HUGE difference.  It completely surprised me.



Whoa.  What happened???

IMG_20150314_071445025 (1)

That was the moment that I recognized the change that happened in my mind.  I remembered clearly taking those “before” pictures and hating them.  It was only 10 days before.  There they were – the same pictures of the same person, with not a lot of visible differences… but I was looking at them with different eyes.

It might not seem like a big deal to some people, but it was a super big deal to me… I had had no idea how critical I was of myself — in pictures, yes, but also in every moment of my day to day.  And I really never noticed it.

This is me taking a selfie just to see if I liked that picture too.  Can you see me thinking, “Wait – What is going on here???”IMG_20150324_070230566

Yep!  I did like it!  It’s me!  Crazy hair, tired eyes, funky birthmark (okay, it’s not really a birthmark, but it’s a long story), gigantic forehead (thanks, Dad!)


blurry, imperfect selfie and all.  Just me.  And I’m okay -totally okay- with it.  Not that it’s turned me into a narcissist — Just that, whoa, I don’t hate me any more.


So yeah.  That’s my 10-day Transformation story.

I’m a huge fan.  Huge.  It was worth every single penny and then some.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I’d recommend it to pretty much everyone — including now skinny people.  Hey, if I can do it and not lose weight, I bet they could too.


Now, for the curious or bored,

Let me explain how I modified the 10-Day Transformation to fit me:

Given that I didn’t want to lose weight, I knew I’d have to get a little creative.   There’s a lovely little list of approved “flex foods” that you’re allowed to munch on if you want to, and there’s another (more extensive) list of foods to make meals from if you’re doing a “lifestyle transformation” — which is different way to put those products to work for you if the strict “cleanse” thing isn’t what you want/need.

Bah.  So many words!!!!  Sorry, but it doesn’t seem fair to tell you how it went without telling you what I did!  Right?  Right.

So I kind of mixed it up.  I wanted the cleanse benefits, but not the weightloss.  I also wanted to try to build some muscle, so here’s how it went:

1. I followed the outline for the 10-Day Cleanse — which I was going to write out, but decided not to.  If you’re interested, go see the run-down on this video:

2. I ate lots.  Or tried to anyway.  But:
I tried to make it as much of it as I could organic, and lots of it being protein/healthy-fats kinds of things.  Num num!
I stayed off dairy and wheat products (even if they are on the Lifestyle list) – and didn’t have much meat.  Really only maybe 2x during those 10 days.

3. I exercised (almost) every morning and sometimes again later, and tried to make it 20 minutes or so after I took the Amino Protein supplement.  Seriously, it felt so good.  That was a great addition to my routine.  I hope I keep it up.

4. I drank a lot of water.  Probably overall, only about 85% of what I could’ve/should’ve, but oh well.  🙂

5. I added Rice Bran Solubles to my Power Shake.  Because Dave Sandovall told me goats milk + rice bran solubles were the key to weight gain, that’s why.  I really have no idea what actually they do, but they’re super yummy.  Possibly yummy enough that they might make goats milk edible.  I don’t know – I still haven’t been able to find any goats milk. In the country.  Go figure.  :p

And that’s it.  If you have more questions, ask them.  I like to talk.  A lot.

PS: If you know of anyone on Oahu  with a goat that they milk, connect me to them!!!




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Granny Lee April 11, 2015 at 4:08 am

Unless you are Heidi and live in the alms, you can skip the goat’s milk! Nasty Stuff! At least, that’s MY opinion! Shudder!!!

Otherwise, thanks for your narrative. Made it to the end. Of course.

Love you!


Mrs. Smith April 11, 2015 at 8:07 pm

Awards shall be given for those who made it to the very end. Congratulations! What color would you like your new (imaginary) car to be?

And, oh, I know it’s not tasty… When your “why” is big enough, you’ll try anything, right? I shall just keep doing Transformations until goats milk tastes good.
If I ever find any. 😉


Red Tie Josh April 11, 2015 at 7:10 am

What’s interesting, I think, is how many different roads there are to the same thing. My far better half started her Transformation thing not long after you folks set her up with the kit (I keep wanting to call it “Purina” even though now I remember that’s really not it). She kinda lost steam halfway through — a side effect, perhaps, of dual/dueling toddlers. And then, about a week later, started into a new version of energy work that brought many of the same benefits you’ve mentioned. We’ve just finished another week of energy work stuff and I’ve finally caught on and started my own “it’s ok to take care of myself” spree. Which of course is why I’m sitting here typing when the kids are out doing who knows what to each other…


Mrs. Smith April 11, 2015 at 8:05 pm

Where’s the “like” button? I know your far-better-half was trying to modify her cleanse as well – 1 day on, 3 days off… I love seeing people use what works for them. It isn’t “all or nothing” with this kind of thing. It’s impressive, I think, that Purium has come up with something that is remotely close to a “one size fits many” -and clearly good nutrition is a need for anyone who eats- but it’s definitely not “one size fits ALL” when it comes to the Transformation. You guys are great at thinking outside the box and I’m so so so so glad we’ve stayed in touch!


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