A Lovely Time

by Mrs. Smith on March 6, 2013

My sister & my grandma came to visit this week. We had a wonderful time. I’m kind of kicking myself for not getting a picture of Gramsie with the little boys all around her talking story on the couch — or better yet, a video of her telling them stories from her childhood — but oh well. She’ll just have to come back again soon and talk story some more.

I did get a good one of the kids with their Auntie, though – see?


It was seriously my favorite thing to see little Freedom (age 3) ask Gramsie to tell her stories over and over again, day after day. That was his favorite thing, too, I think, next to being with Auntie Lou, of course.  He is her biggest fan.  Or is it that she’s his biggest fan?  Something like both, perhaps.
So anyway, Gramsie got a little bored telling her old favorites, so we got to hear some new stories I hadn’t heard before. Like the one about the neighbor boy who went sledding with her and a friend, but who didn’t know which way was safe so he ended up breaking his leg on a fence post. Ouch! Poor kid. I said, “Better his leg than his face, I suppose,” and with a look of epiphany on her face Gramsie said, “Well now, I never thought of that but you’re right!”

The other favorite thing was the beach today. We had planned on going to head over to Turtle Bay Resort and go to the beach there — it’s got a lovely little protected cove and it’s beautiful — but it’s father away and we were on a bit of a time crunch.  As we drove out I headed the other direction. Ages ago a few of my kids went with friends to a beach called “Crocodile Pond” and it sounded like fun… if the tide is out. If the tide is IN, not so much.
That was one “if.”
The other “if” was that I didn’t know exactly where it was – only approximately.
The other potential problem was that going that direction was heading into clouds. Back towards Turtle Bay there were no clouds in sight. The beach when it’s cloudy & windy is really just not so fun in the chilly month of March.

Nevertheless, the Spirit was saying to go for it, so we drove right into those clouds.

I found the right beach.
The tide was out.
The sky was absolutely perfect — not so sunny that we’d all look like lobsters later (yes, even with sunscreen. Our natural skin tone is “glow in the dark,” people.)
And it’s now my favorite beach EVER. Here are some pictures so you can see why. 🙂

Yes, it would have been better if little Gent had a life jacket too. Auntie had to be Right There every second, which didn’t always go over super well with the “I’m almost two years old now and really don’t need your help thank you very much” attitude.  There were a few moments where it was a little bit nuts.  That’s only to be expected.

 They made friends eventually.

Gramsie fell in love with footzoning while she was here. I zoned her when they very first got here (Saturday) and then again today (not too long before the beach, actually).  Awesome story, and she’d be tickled if I told it to you (that and she gave me permission), so I will.

When she came, her ankles were so swollen you couldn’t see her ankle bones at all.  (I wish I had a picture of the “before,” but she never would have let me take one anyway, without knowing what was coming.)  It was just so sad to think of all the walking she’d had to do all over the airports, and all the sitting for hours on those flights, not to mention being on her feet all day the day before she came… I couldn’t wait to see what footzoning could do to help.

It was amazing. Only a few minutes into it, the swelling on the foot I was working on had diminished by more than half. A few minutes later and it looked nothing at all like the other foot. I felt like Moses having parted the Red Sea or something. WHOA! When I got to the next foot, the results weren’t quite as dramatic. Some things take a little time to process – perhaps even most things.

After a good night’s sleep, however, both of those hard working ankles had a total makeover. I just can’t tell you how precious and endearing it was to see how proud my grandma was of those ankles. “OH!  They haven’t looked like this since I was a teenager! I can’t believe it!!!”

Ah, footzoning is fabulous. Here’s another picture of those slim and sassy, 88 year old ankles and that tickled-pink smile I love so much.

So yes, we had a lovely time with our visitors, even if they could only stay for a few days.  Next time maybe we’ll get ’em for a whole week.  Granted, next time for Auntie might be a while since she’s having her own new baby just after Smithling #6 comes.  Yay for the new little girlies coming!



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