Happy, Happy Birthday

by Mrs. Smith on April 2, 2012

Someone had a birthday! Huzzah!


Oh, Mother. Must I wear this? So what if it’s tradition?

Gent still maintains his quiet, not-easily-excited temperament. He’s never been quick to laugh and has been the most sober of all the Smithlings. Not that he’s unhappy. He just… I don’t know quite how to explain it.

I like my birthday bucket. Lots of things fit inside it.

He knows he’s happy, thank you very much, he just doesn’t want to plaster it all over his face. The world is too interesting to waste energy being all bubbly and excitable.

Babies grow so much that first year, it’s hard to remember sometimes how little they were back when.

Remember how little you were at Auntie Lou’s wedding? Just 2 months old

Remember when you used to sleep all through Costco?

And how you were Mommy’s cutest accessory every where she went?

And back when we used to bring the kitchen sink to the beach, you slept in the basket of towels under the umbrella? That was awesome.

How the neighbors noticed you cried noticably less when dear Gramsie visited in October.

How you figured out you could sit up all on your own…

Remember the matching onesies – you and your 14-day-younger pal next door?
That other blondie his age next door, on the other hand, smiles ALL the time.  The world is balanced between the two of them.

Don’t wanna crawl…

… One week later, now I do!  Give me that camera!

And how you spent all your time at the beach in the stroller, blinking at the wind?

And, oh, how much we love you!

Daddy likes to tickle me!