Pixie Dust

by Mrs. Smith on June 30, 2018

I had a little idea earlier this week.
I’m actually super excited about it.

A whole month off facebook.

Not a day.
Not a week.

The whole month of July.

I really mean business, too. I’m having Mr Smith fully change my password for me, and he isn’t going to tell it to me until August 1, no matter how much I beg.

Facebook is my favorite “I need a break, I’m tapping-out” mechanism, you see, and given that my self-control is unreliable when I get overwhelmed by kid-noise, it seems wise to take precautions for the inevitable, “Just a quick look to see if I’m tagged in something…”

Nope! None of that!

Get thee behind me, Facebook!

It’s not like social media is a “bad” thing, really, but it’s a time-waster if you let it be… which I do. Too often. So, this is not another, “I really should spend less time on this” exercise in moderation. Just cut it off completely.

Breathe in the noise and the mess and the joy of this big noisy, messy family. Sit with the monotony.

Take a break from playing “save the world” on those PTSD support groups. Quit scrolling for those awesome minute-long ah-ha moments.

It’s lovely, but it’s not “real life” in the same way that real life is. And frankly, for me, it’s a distraction.

Distraction from what?

Ah, now we come to the reason I need this break. With our eldest starting high school in August, it kind of feels like this is our family’s “last night in the nursery.”

There’s some pixie dust sparkling out there in the month of July; I’ll miss it if I have access to this time-sucking, alternate universe.

I’m going to Neverland with them while they still can.

Thanks, God, for that awesome, little “ah-ha” moment this week.

Let’s fly!

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Krisling July 3, 2018 at 12:02 am

I mean, it’s a noble idea. But I will say: my best friend deactivated her FB account and she now misses a TON of what happens in my life. (She rarely posted when she had her account so I don’t feel like I miss out on her life in quite the same way, since she tells me when we chat. I just end up forgetting to tell her things that happened to me because I’ve already posted it on FB.)

So. Yeah. Good luck <3


Mrs. Smith July 3, 2018 at 6:47 am

There are definitely downsides, and that’s a big one.


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