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by Mrs. Smith on May 26, 2016

There’s a downside to reading scriptures with your whole family together.

You end up having experiences like this…

<cue flashback music….>

Once upon a last night, 

We read in Mark 13 where Jesus talks about what will happen before His 2nd Coming. At least, I’m pretty sure it was Mark 13. Me and numbers, you know. We don’t stick together very long.

It was no different than any other night: It took about 20 minutes to get 4 kids to pick up a bible and sit down, and another 10 to get all 6 of them to stop talking so we could start.

30 seconds later, we had to stop and remind someone that this is not the time to stick their feet in their siblings faces.

Like I said. Totally normal scripture “study” going on in Smithtopia. I use that term “study” rather loosely with this crowd.
We read.
We answer questions.
We wonder why they can’t seem to sit still and quiet for any length of time.
We explain.
We attempt to pull it into their world and help them see how it’s relevant.
We are lucky if one of the younger kids isn’t pitching a huge fit about some injustice, like somebody looking at them,
and we’re lucky if one of the older kids isn’t committing some great injustice, like looking at someone.

Most of the time we have at least one parent humming “Love at Home” through clenched jaws and gritted teeth at some point, and the other parent silently hoping they don’t lose it, too.

It’s great.

That night, we read about Christ’s teachings concerning the calamities and things that would happen before His Second Coming. Like most other nights, it was hard to discern who was really listening and who wasn’t — though I do remember a few moments of quiet. That happens most nights, too.

So then this morning…

I was sitting at the table with my six year old eating second-breakfast, when out of the blue he became visibly upset.

MOM! he gasped, It’s so not fair… 

Just like that, he was almost in tears.

It was one of those mornings. The kind where the kids seem to be playing, “How much can I annoy my siblings?” and “How loud can I whine?” My patience was all used up and it wasn’t even 9:30 yet! I wasn’t sure I could handle yet another fit.

For one thing, the little brother he’d been fighting with all morning wasn’t even around. “No fair,” indeed. It can’t be more bickering, it just can’t.

Well, it very well could be, but since the 3 kids at home had all found different corners of the universe to hide out in, I was hoping for full 5 minutes without someone making someone else cry.

So REALLY child, I thought, don’t do it. You are NOT allowed to whine about siblings that aren’t even here. 

(At the very least, can it wait until I finish this granola? Yes? Please?)

Okay. He’s clearly distraught. Better put on our Mommy-pants and go there.

What’s wrong? You look upset. Are you okay?

NO, I’m not okay, he cried, It’s so sad!
I reeeeeeeeeeeally really want to be here when Jesus comes again.

That’s great! Maybe you will be.

“But I won’t be!” he wailed,
“Because it says right before he comes, the world is going to be all wicked…”

(at this point he was fully crying, I kid you not.)

…And… and…. and…

there’s just SO MANY good people in the world! 


Oh my cuteness. What do you say to that?!? I was completely speechless.

This child. He went on and on about it.

Um, wow.

He was utterly heartbroken.
Because the world is just so full of wonderful people that Jesus’ return couldn’t possibly happen in his lifetime.

Do I tell him?

Would that all 6 year olds had the same view of the world.

I sympathized.  There sure are an awful lot of good people. But hey, you’re pretty young. Maybe by the time you’re really, really old the world will be more wicked.

I learned from him. I basked in the glow of his optimism and innocence.  I savored that moment like an ice cream cone on a hot day. I wished it could last forever.

(And that’s why I blogged it, of course. I’m even actually publishing this one instead of letting it gather dust in my drafts folder like all the others I’ve written this year. Awwww, you’re most welcome.)

Stay young, kid. Stay young.

And okay. I was kidding. There isn’t really a downside to reading scriptures with your family.   😉

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Granny Lee May 28, 2016 at 3:56 am

WOW! Almost scary raising a kid like that! You begin to fear they’re too perfect to survive this world!

Good job, Mom and Dad!

Love and hugs!


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